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Davide is in Zee Republic

Colavita's Davide Frattini is staying at my hombre's Bobby's casa while training here in Boulder. Bobby just does stuff like this. You need something: Bobby offers. Unconditional. The universe gives you a big wet kiss, Bobby.

OK, so big deal. If you fart in this town, chances are a pro's gonna smell it there's so many here getting their training on. But what is so special about Mr. Frattini? Cross, baby. He's goin' Enrico Franzoi on us and waving the Italian flag at cross WK's and WC's. You go Davide. Homie pulled of a UCI win here in the states last year at the Verge in Beacon. Good times.

Do like Davide...and Not This.

Everyone by this time has seen this YouTube as well. Note the Colavita uniform (if you can) at teh end. That'll be Davide getting through the mele.

Davide's got himself a bloggy blog as well. You go Davide. Welcome to zee Republic, Davide.