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TJ's got his stars-n-bars skinsuit...

So I made mention that I'd love to see TJ rockin a legit National Champion's skinsuit instead of the podium jersey he was rocking. Looks like the got it to him post haste although we did not get to see much of it due to issues TJ had apparently at the GVA held in Loenhout:They could've shipped him a red white and blue Giro though! Ha! By the way, the picture above was taken by the person shooting Geoff's folks at Cross Camp. Lots of good shots of the various races the Euro Crossers are competing in while over there.

He even grabbed a nice shot of Paco suffering it out against the big'uns in Torhout!

Geoff Proctor's Cross Camp Site!

Check it out! My Google Crawler picked up the site for Geoff Proctor's Euro Cross Camp...made famous in the Transitions movies which by now, nearly any one of you fellow cross geeks own (and I am sure you own parts I and II). I saw the Camp's site linked to me which is super cool! I've done the same so you can always come here to link through to their site and read the blog entries and more.

Check out the latest blog entry where Geoff interviews Sven the Cannibal Nijs about the risks of running his Rhinos too high or too low when battling it out with the likes of Bart Wellens. Cool read.


Speechless. That's all I can say regarding Page. Silver! Unbelievable. I hope Nys and Wellens don't cry about their mis haps to lessen Page's day today. 5 laps out in front. Flawless. Vervecken really showed the world he wanted it most as he had to work his skinny lanky ass off to reel in Page.

Danny S- Silver

It is VERY safe to say the US should be factored in in world CX scene. The difference has been Page immersing himself. Never crying, always learning. Suffering. Being poor. Living race to race. Season to season. I hope the world sees what this kid can do. Amazing. I don't see anyone else going deep like Page. Sacrificing. I think J-Pows is the closest to the 'core' Page represents but everyone else (Trebon, Wicks, et al) have another agenda. Not a bad agenda, just an agenda for other disciplines to pay the rent. I guess it all comes down to a very deep acknowledgment of what 'cross means to a person like Page to make those sacrifices and move to gray places like Bracken or Mol or Smallville, Belgium. He knew. What did I know for certain at that age? Can't remember.

Congrats Page and I am speechless with pride. Who will follow your lead from the US? Geoff P, keep doing what you're doing.