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Chalk one up for The Pros Closet! My homies, Ben, Nick et al sold my Moots to a lucky person and I wish the Buy it Now person the best. It's a fantastic bike, well loved and will bring smiles fo' sho'.

On my welcome-back-to-altitude lunchtime ride today, I swung by the shop to pick up my Specialized 2D helmet which was recalled due to someone in China not mixing the right kind of plastic for the buckle. D'oh! I wonder who got fired for that. I can not imagine the financial impact given name changes (the product is now called the S WORKS, not the 2D) in addition to the big S hooking everyone up who ran into this issue with brand new 2007 Decibel which are great lids. The 2D's/S WORKs are stupid light in comparison and we'll be running the Milram color style this year. I STILL think that Gerolsteiner pattern was way more trick with our uniforms, but I got outvoted. My homies have no style. What can I say? The helmet returned to me is great, but is the 2007 Milram style:

But when I saw the 2008 Milram's, I saw the logic. INFINITELY cooler in my obviously stylistically advanced and well informed opinion:

See? Way radder, right? The white sex is permeating it's way into all designs. Lovely touch methinks with the white band across the back.

The Pros Closet

I'm going to do a more thorough posting on Nick and the boys great little biz they've opened up here in Boulder called The Pro's Closet. As an 'experiment', I am utilizing their very capable services to sell my 2004 Moots. Go ahead! Lob in a bid!