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Ik HEART Veldrijden

I love our sport. LOVE IT!

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Pooks for dialing in a shirt from the M & C store!!!

A cyclo-crossin' family!

Awesome to see. Our best friends, the Balls, have outfitted the fam with the M& C love. This is the gentleman and my literal brother who is responsible for my 'cross addiction....having introduced me to how to REALLY train and what cross REALLY is many many years ago.

THANKS YOU GUYS! I am almost at my $100 in 'profit' I am planning on moving to the VPB!


Just a note to say thank you thus far to all the rad folks who have bought merchandise from the M & C e-Store! I'm nearly at a point where I can cut a $100 check to Valmont Park with the first chunk of profits (and yes, I now realize how tough it is for retailers to make a buck!).

Thank you:

  • Bobby
  • Cindi
  • Cat
  • Ed
  • JBall
  • Chris
  • Longman
You rule!

New Products on M & C eStore!

Because you know you're man enough to have a heart on your shirt. Now you can have some Dutch to go along with it. Wear it with pride! Plus bumper stickers and mugs and stuff...

Buy before August 22nd to help us achieve our needs for the GOCO grant for Valmont Bike Park!

Click on the image below to take you to the store....

The Mud and Cowbells Online Store..NOW OPEN!

OK peeps, I've gone ahead an done it. Opened me up an on-line store! Honestly, the powers of the good 'ol inter-web made it super easy. I enabled a variety of things to be purchased from T's to mugs to hats to baby bibs. What I am attempting to do here is clearly not get rich...but provide another vehicle to go and push percentages of the proceeds of the products to the great causes going on around here...namely the Valmont Bike Park!

So PLEASE, feel good about yourself and buy a T or a hat or sweat shirt. know for once that you will be doing what you can from know matter where you live to help out some great programs. I'd like to eventually move this ball further by pouring proceeds to junior 'cross programs which I thought about ages ago.

So go ahead and click on the image below and surf on over to the store! Buy yourself an uber-sweet M & C product. Note that this could not have been possible without the combined efforts of Anthem Branding and Zach Lee of Commarts who contributed to helping me make this happen.