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WTF Bart?

I just don't get Euros.
Teddy bears and fashion shows of crappy Euro-trash clothes? Say it ain't so Bart-man.

Click HERE to watch this crappy TV spot on Wellens. I hope you speak Flemish.

If Ohioans...

...can do a commercial like this, we absolutely suck here in CO:

What a difference a day makes

So, from piss and moan on Thursday to taking the day off Friday, I feel like a new man. Unbelievable. I have to remember to actually do that every now and again. It's like someone set the reset button to reboot me.

Today was epically gorgeous here in zee Repoobleek. Bobby and I got out for a 100% cross focused training ride this AM. We both feel air changing.

We did 20 x 20's up Poorman's today to work on maintaining porting technique while being under stress. You are climbing this slog of a dirt road suffering but the goal is to be able to maintain your composure (e.g. on/off bike technique) while suffering. In the 59th minute of a cross race, you'll be thanking me for this Bobby. You want to be able to be as smooth and efficient when the body feels like it can't. Suffering up this slog a few times a week is helpful for that late race assurance.

We moved on to Elk's and set up shop. Slow speed technique training over the PVC's. Fun. Took some pics and vids.

What did YOU do to get ready for cross today kids?!!

Mr. Boberino
The pit bike felt niiiice.
The PVC's are back from hiatus.

Wasted after the effort.

Flowing Juices

Brandon expose dme to this today. Same guy who did Transitions. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Is it cross:30 yet?

7 months until Mol. Preparations are forming. Smiles happening. Gotta get the double bike case carrier, UCI license, jet tix to Brussels, and so on, etc. Can not wait. Filtering through files, I found some old photos and got all nostalgic an such. Surf City. I remember racing for the first time in 97 when I moved to CA. I literally got sick in my chamois. Even with that shellacking, the bug was there though from that day and still is.

The Surf City and Central Coast races were epic. Beautiful scenery and the race organizations were spectacular. Racing every weekend with the level of riders being faced taught me lots. Moving to CO was like an "11" if the Bay Area was like a "10" in terms of retardedly fast speed of the competitors but it prepared me well. The Republic is a fish bowl you know. Now I am going to go to Belgium and get the snot kicked out of me but I swear to you I will fight until I grind the teeth out of my head.

If'n you get the chance, check out this old homie's site, Hans Kellner. Old Sycip rider, friend and mad videographer. He's actually got video of the race above. You have to CLICK HERE to access this vid though (the thing to the right is only a screen capture). Check out the vids of the DFL races as well. They were EPIC. You raced for free if you wore a dress. (yes that's me in the pretty green one).

If I get the chance, I want to head back and do some racing out West this season. We'll see. The scene was great and I miss it occasionally. The old bros are there and it would be fun.

7 months. Looking forward to jumping over barriers.

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