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A Taste of Colorado Cyclocross

Hello Cyclocross Fans!

Cross season is still months away, but some good friends of mine, Celin Serbo ( and Sergio Ballivan (, put together this great video piece with some footage from last season's Colorado cyclocross season. They produced it for no other reason than they thought 'cross was a great sport and fun to shoot. I am here to tell you they do amazing work so if your business, club, team, website, magazine needs jaw-dropping video or photography work, give them a shout. Enjoy the video and I hope it inspires you to try cyclocross in 2011!
Best regards,
Brandon Dwight

Colorado Front Range Cyclocross from Celin Serbo on Vimeo.

Belgian Cyclocross Vaudeville

Hmm. At first there were the Belgian NASCAR-esque music videos, now full on vaudeville. Enjoy. Click the @2:06 tag below to get to the good stuff right away. 

Little reminders

If I wrote this post on Friday, it’d been all interwoven with fairly bad references to piano wire, depression, rainy days and woe-is-me’s. But alas, things change, don't they?

GOPR0016 I don't write as much as I used to. I ride less. Every opportunity to is precious. The peloton that is life has just accelerated and I am pinned. Hoping I can stay with the group. But I did this to myself. I am in control.

But even with all that goes on these days, the focus on those precious times you can get out are so anticipated. I can not be one of those people who refuse to ride because they aren't as fast, or aren't as 'in form'. What the hell does that mean to a 40 year old husband and father anyways. Riding is my attachment to my youth. Me best memories.

So, I suit up. One leg at a time into the chamois. I throw my leg over my bike and rendezvous with my friends. Like kids. We ride and talk. Everyone is pinned with what life is throwing at us  I learn. Everyone is trying to do the best they can for their families. It’s what makes the people I choose to surround myself with beautiful. GOPR0017

The group ride is church for our set. Therapy at its purest. Some have the need to go off the front and put pain to the rest of us. Others  need to wheelie and table-top like little boys. We do these things and we all smile. We are alive and for the moment, the ‘real’ world is put in a compartment with its lid shut. No thoughts of deadlines. No thoughts of intervals. Just riding. Little reminders of why we commune in the woods.

We hit some intensely fun singletrack right by our houses this weekend. All from our garage doors. Deadly steeps up radically hard double track trail bringing us up to vistas that prove you really are in Colorado…and all this is available without getting into cars.

A short sneak peak at a slice of our day. The GoPro belies the steepness.

OHV Trail System Boulder (Scene 1) from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

More of the goodness followed...

OHV Trail System Boulder (Scene 2) from Gregory Keller on Vimeo.

Commune with your friends as often as possible. For those that ‘do’, there will always be imbalance and the need to ensure not only you, but those that surround you are taken care of. It makes getting together for your penance that much more sweet.

Heil Ranch Fun - Spring has Spring

The snows have gone and the flowers are blooming. Time for the fat tires. Time for smiles with friends.

And so a new chapter begins | BlipSnips!

I owe you, my readers WAY MORE these days, but alas, I haven't been able to. Why? Pouring myself, my family, my soul and all my energies into my new company, My good friend Tim Johnson himself created what I think is a phenomenal example of a BlipSnipped video. Have a look and feel the experience for yourself.

So inspired...I will start writing again! As soon as I start RIDING again. HUP!

A Test of BlipSnips | Video Tagging Goodness

This is a test of the technology I am working on at my new company, Lots will change but what I am toying with (and you are seeing!) are some of the first previews of the technology in the wild. Essentially, the functionality allows you to see a tag I have created in the video and allows you to click on it to bring you EXACTLY to that moment I want you to see.


Colorado Cyclocross State Championships DVD!

imageBy good bud Brian Patrick of OnSight Media knows cross…as he’s ALWAYS in the thick of it, boots on, feet in mud, trotting around our courses with his hi-end cameras in tow shooting us in all our snotcicle-hanging glory.

He’s released a DVD that’s compiled the 2007-2009 State Championship races here in Colorado plus some bonuses like the 35 Opens from Blue Sky Velo’s race at Xilinx this year.

Local folks can head to Boulder Cycle Sport to pick up your copy for $20.

Remote or lazy folks can order on line here. Same price plus S & H.


Come re-live the glory…and the snotcicles…all in the comfort of your own home and flat screen.

An American in Belgium | Pete Webber's Post 'Za Trip' Slideshow

Have a gander of Pete's presentation to a great group of folks who came to hear about racing in Belgium...and as you'll learn, a history of American Cyclocross as told by storyteller, Pete Webber. Thanks to the wonderful sponsors and OnSight Media (Brian Patrick) for hosting and documenting the event.

Continue watching the rest of the videos...

Click to read more ...

Going PRO | Experimenting with the GoPro HD Hero Cam

Oh dear. Yes, it is as good as you've heard...or maybe have seen. I got my little paws on the GoPro Helmet Hero Cam HD and so far zoopa cool! I will be shooting when I can over the next few months and experimenting with splicing in audio to try and create some sweet keepsakes of rides we go on. I put together a brief video to show you all of what's involved with the HD Hero cam. Not awesome production quality on my part but you'll get the point of how this little gem works.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Here are a few very simple taster shots I snapped earlier today with the fam tooling around at the Boulder Reservoir. I can not wait to get this thing into the woods!


Cyclocross Worlds LIVE from Tabor! | Universal Sports Coverage

I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to this email today from my friends at Universal Sports!

"Hi Greg,

I wanted to let you know we will be broadcasting the Cyclo-Cross World Championships from Tabor, Czech Republic on-line January 31.  The broadcast will be showing the elite men’s and women’s races at 12 noon (ET), while the rest of the races will be offered on demand.  We are excited to offer the broadcast for this event again and hopefully highlight more Cyclo-Cross through the World Cup season.  Please help in any way you can to spread the word about the broadcast."

So you heard it! Spread the word! Click the picture to the left to head on over to the 'Cyclocross World Championships Dashboard' on Universal Sports.