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Cyclofile at Boulder Theater Last night

So, last night was the Jr. Cyclocross Development Team fund raiser held at the Boulder Theater. The draw was to come and watch teh antics of J-Pow and the new Cyclofile movie...proceeds going to the Junior development fun. Rad.

So I had a Rocky Mounts team meeting before hand and new I was going to be late. I finish up my business with the team and roll over to the Theater. Movie started at 7. I'm there at 7:45. I walk up to the theater and there are a zillion bikes locked up outside. Rad again. Stoll to the ticket booth:

Me to lady behind the glass: "Hi! Can I grab some tickets? I know I'm late but no big deal. I'll still buy one."

Ticket lady in muffled voice due to glass separating she and I: "Um, like, we're closed now." Sorry."

Me (smiling): "Um, I think this is a fund raiser. Seriously, it's OK that the movie is almost over. No big whup. The money goes to some kids. My bud texted me from inside and said there's tons of seats. Can I just grab a last minute ticket?"

Muffled lady: "Um, like I said, it really closed. So, um, no."

Me. "Weak".

And I rolled home. Gonna have to find another way to help out!

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