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Bloody 'ell

The weekend was epic. No Deer Trail for me as I am now in the bloody UK on business and my kinders and lady needed my participation way more than my homies at Deer Trail. Talked to Lauren C (friend from SF and new to Boulder) and she says "...I'm going on a business strip too! Where are you going? I need to go to Provence and I packed my bike so I could try the Vontoux." You can take your Vontoux...Whatever.

Saturday was sweet. 4 hours of pure bliss and solo tempo, smiling in the sun. It felt good to just roll and not have to attack, be attacked or generally get myself into a state of bother...a.s Liggett says. The steady tempo over 70 miles did just a s much.

Gonna work like a dog all week from morning to midnight here. Gonna sneak in runs when I can but the schedule is mad. Beautiful weather here too. Global warming? It's supposed to be pissing rain over here at this time.

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i don't know much about global warming, but i do know i didn't see any rain in the month of april in Belgium...something is messed up.

April 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterScott

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