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Run fer yer life!

Drum roll please: I went for a run today. For those that know me, they are laughing. I hate running. I spent from 5 to 20 years old playing soccer and told myself I'd never run again. Last time I 'went for a (real) run' was January 2006 I think. Freezing cold. My wife dragged me out and I basically almost ruptured my Achilles. So I got gun shy for like a year and decided not to risk it. It felt OK in cross last year with slight twinges of discomfort. So today, all's well it seemed...and drum roll again...I slightly enjoyed it. Maybe it is due to the sweet new iPod Shuffle I scored for myself on Mothers day. Ha! I got one for my lady and decided that the stuff she is gonna put on hers would not be copasetic to my fairly musically snobbish ears.

Today: Shiner was duly jammed. Haven't listened to this album in time ad infinitum. I can not tell you how this band rips...or ripped as they have split up and become The Life and Times. I saw them ages ago opening for Hum...another now defunct band I am in love with...and never looked back. If you ride or do anything that requires you to grit your teeth and you are serious about music that will motivate you (and are serious about music and the depth of composition), I recommend this album. If you are OK with be bopping to like Creed, please do not buy Shiner. These are some significantly talented artists. End snobbery rant.

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hilarious. matt (main man from Hum) is an old friend and former roommate of mine from illinois.

i'll tell him he has a(nother) fan in CO.

May 18, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterhixson

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