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Early AM MTB Epic

So the fellas (The WB, Longman, Bobby Mounts, Matson, JFry and I) got our early AM MTB on today. I have the day off and could pull this off which was rad. 6AM start, home by 9:20 or so. My Polar jobby job recorded 35 or so miles, 4820 feet of climbing 6920 Feet of altitude average with a max out at 8700 feet. Ha! I felt it, boy.

The ride looked more or less like this but I did a crappy job on this new Map My Ride thing. (The ride can be linked to here. ):

The route essentially was...

  • down town (coffee...)
  • Boulder Creek Trail
  • Four Mile Canyon
  • Logan Mill Climb
  • Traverse to Mountain Pines
  • Sugarloaf climb
  • Switzerland to Switz North
  • to Gold Hill
  • to Sunshine
  • home in NoBo....
The throw-downs were happening. I was not a part of the waring. The homies are super fit and already in full swing on their assault on the Mountain States Cup goals. In my unbelievably bottomless suitcase of excuses, I get past Goal Hill and onto Sunshine and notice the chain sagging. I'm like WTF?? I get home and have a looksee and I'd gone the whole way on a fairly nicely seized rear XTR hub (note to self, never deviate from DT Hugi...). Anyohoo, I could not have hung on all those attacks with these studs, but would have made my trip a helluva lot easier! Some pics:

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