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Wednesday Worlds and Clinic

I'm sitting here fairly wasted tonight after the efforts this AM, a full day or work and then the clinic. So, I had to fire up the 2007 Baal and sit back with a Trippel. GOD, watching that DVD I am salivating over those courses....that time spent in the Motherland last year.

I want to go BACK. Something to look forward to.....

Wednesday Worlds was an absolute throw down. All the peeps came out to play. Timmy Faia and Darren drove down from Breck amongst others like Wardell, Paul Brooks, Jon Baker and of course my bro Pete PLO Lopinto. A GI-normous group of people. At least 70 strong. I felt a bit no-chain-ish today shockingly (guess i need to rest again...)...and as it came to pass....I blew my first session and most of my 2nd with a blown chain. First session was Elks and the rolling was super fun. Paco was on fire but Colby really threw it down on the rest.

We rolled from there to Boulder Research where we got our jungle course on and again rolled hard. I spun nicely and comfortably on a course Paco drew up with tons of run ups and fast power sections. Colby, Baker and I split pretty quick until I bent the chain AGAIN. But I got enough of the sensations to know that the more I rest between epicly hard training sessions, the better I am feeling.

On to the clinic: Again: BIGGER. Likely 70 people or more. Clearly not at the levels Portland is seeing for Tonkin's clinic (~165 people!) but we're getting bigger each week! Today we started getting more specific on getting comfortable with coming in hot and fast into barriers. I wanted to stress to the folks assembled that there is a simple mathematical equation to all this

ANY time those brakes are touched reducing momentum + poor fluidity through the barriers + the slow/clumsy remount + the 800 or so watts to re-bridge up to the guys who dropped you through the barriers 'cause they were smoother X 10 laps or so....and you are doomed. Fluidity, less brakes and confidence in your technique will take a guy who comes in 22nd to top 10 with the appropriate practice.

And we practiced that. Lots. Lots of speed, lots of barrier braking, some crashing...but ultimately lots of smiles and skills being honed. I LOVE this sport. I LOVE seeing people get stoked on their new skills. I LOVE teaching it.

Reader Comments (4)

that's super cool Greg. I hope to make it down to the republic from the Breck tundra sometime in October.

why do most CO races have so few barrier sections? I know the UCI prob has minimum standards, but doubtful the ACA does. I seem to remember many courses only having 2-3 sets at most.

September 11, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjeff

Makes me want to drive to Colorado just for your clinic. Sounds like a great time.

September 11, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterThe Jackal

Re: Jeff's question on barriers. I don't think that the ACA/FIAC has explicit limitations on barrier sections in CX (other than the 40cm height limit on barriers). HOWEVER, I think the catch is in part due to ACA/USCF reciprocity, and in some cases the overarching UCI consideration (ie, DBC's Boulder Cups): "toeing the line" with UCI rules probably keeps licensing issues easy...

Of course, it could also be that the promoters just don't want to haul/source a whole lotta barrier material, heh heh...

I do agree that many of the CO courses could be more technical than we currently race. Every year they get a little better though! One key: use natural obstacles to *force* dismounts: chicanes, short steep hills, etc...


September 11, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterLane

yeah people focus so much on tech skills, mount/dismounts, etc. Not to discourage learning those skills, but if you're talking about 2 sets of barriers per lap, beginners might be better off first learning handling skills while riding the bike, tire selection and pressure, riding off-camber, sand, braking techniques, etc.

I hope we see more barriers this fall.

September 11, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjeff

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