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Wednesday Worlds - Two to go!

Arctic...that described the temps out early this AM and only the true flahutes were out for our pre-work hup session. Nothing much to report other than the engine is feeling good and I am still doing my voodoo rain or snow dance for this weekend. PLEASE Santa, bring me crap weather.

On the digital celluloid tip, I upped the ante recently and upgraded my point and shoot Cannon to a big boy Nikon D90. My GOD is this thing nuts. I have been inspired (as constantly reported upon) by PDX Cross and the other photographers in the various regions capturing our beautiful sport. I'm trying to be all artsy-like and shoot b & w....

Doing relays. Just an ever-so-light dusting of snow getting kicked up as we go off in waves.

My boy Whit's freezing cold hands.
Za Dooba.

A PRO mechanics rig. Matty Opps Van Dessel

Fangos and Zipps. Must be Boulder.

The Birdman and is Snotcicles.

T Prehn. National Road Champion.

I suck badly, but it's fun learning! I'll be taking some classes soon to learn about light and exposure and all that goodness.

Today was 2nd to last Wednesday Worlds. One more next week to prep for Nationals. A wave of sadness is enveloping me. Looking forward to KC!

Wednesday Worlds - Early morning lung butter

Ah, cold early mornings of the fall. Must be 'cross season. (Record scratch...): It was 65 degrees this AM! Obviously this is madness as it's mid November and it feels like late Spring. We know the hammer is being cocked and we are about to get pummeled. States will, I predict, be a debacle....either snow or mad mud. We'll see. It'll be epic. Either way, I'll keep my pretty white dancin' Sidi's all purdy and such.

It was a massive pre-work group again today. You can see the fitness swells coming back amongst us all now that the Boulder Cup weekend is passed and ramp ups are emerging again to peak for States. Wednesday Bike Practice is hilarious. It is this massive family of elite pros to newbies all communing at random parks to get their hup in before 'the man' calls us to our respective offices and places of work. We meet up every week and it is EXACTLY like when you were a kid coming out from your classroom at recess. You see your buds....many which you race against every week....and you chat about last weeks race drama, gut laugh, geek out on someone's new trick know: commune. Or, yes, recess.

Today we rallied at a few of the fun haunts for practice. We all started up our second 'ride' and then the police came on in, lights blaring. Busted? A group of us went and spoke with the officer (who was initially irate) and this is when I knew we'd done right: we had a permit. Starting last season, spearheaded by our own vegan machine, Cat-J, we legitimized the rides by working with Parks and Rec and established a permit for our group ride. With it stamped and approved, we are designated on certain parks to practice an it took the officer about 6 seconds to make a call and he was utterly supportive once confirmed. That and our level-headed conversation with him...even supporting him by empathizing and assuring him we understand and this is why we got the permit...etc etc. It was rad. Clearly we have some more work to do to communicate our group, where we'll be and when, but it was so clear we'd done the right thing (with cat's leadership). I don't know what it is like in your town, but Boulder has a group of 70+ each Wednesday to get the training down in the early hours. If you are thinking growing like we are, then stay ahead of the curve and legitimize...if you think it's going to cause contention.

'Crossers of the World, Unite! Or something like that....

Wednesday Worlds - 1/2 way through the season!

It was clearly a tough weekend for those that raced the Cup this weekend. The large group that showed up to get the hup on at bike practice today was visibly slower....many choosing to stay in the pack and soft pedal or take laps. Smart. Extra recovery needed this week. We hit up Rocket Park and East Boulder Park...the latter drudging up bad memories for many from this weekend due to East Boulder's goat head problems. They're everywhere!

My legs felt OK, but I intentionally held it back. Poorman on/off's yesterday was injected to keep the building from the weekend going....then today....then a break. Mmmm. Racing this weekend but from what I hear, two 'classic' CO courses: dirt and goat heads. Joy. To race on Harlow Platts again...

Wednesday Worlds - Back in effect

Wednesdays. Pre work. The "Hump Day Accelerator." Bike practice before you punch the clock is such a good thing for the mind and body. Having it on Wednesdays helps you through that mental barrier of a stressful and eternally long work week.

Today was my first Wednesday Worlds in a while given all the travel and fairly hectic work schedule. All the kids came out to play early this AM which was fun. My initial workout at Elks was stymied initially by a thrown chain (and then three other times...odd as it's never happened before) but the cool part was going from DFL of a group of 70+ all the way through to bridge back and hang onto Boups for a couple of laps. Fun. Maybe the legs are speaking to me again... We'll see.

North Boulder Park was also fun. I jammed a few hard laps with some super deep efforts....mad 42 x 12 intervals through the grass for a minute or so....followed by some super light spinning as well to get in the hard stuff. Elks was all hard...ALL the time for the session. My body was craving the cross-eyed which I was happy to oblige it. Afterward, I ended up hanging with Powers whom I haven't seen since Cross Vegas and chatted up the goings on in the cross circuit these days.

Boulder Cups this weekend and it should be going off. I'm registered for the 35 A's both days and the UCI Elite on Sunday but the Elite is fading due to fairly poorly timed parent/teacher conference...on Sunday! But ultimately: bike race in left hand...child's eduction in the right hand. What's right is right.

Cross on ye laddies and lassies.

Digi celluloid.

Temporary Mass transplant J to the Pow was in our midst today, getting ready for the UCI's this weekend. Great to see him as always.

The Blue Sky Armada

North Boulder Park working group....

Matty his new stealth Pro Peleton kit made by Curve. Go get 'em Matty.

Wednesday Worlds - Week 3

I know why I love Boulder. The weather's good. The people are rad. But it's the psychotic passion for biking that blows my mind. And 'cross is the absolute example of this utter geekdom.

I love it.

Wednesday's Worlds were bar none (and I know I keep saying this), the largest yet. I counted no less that 83 men and women ready to mix it up at Session 1. Crazy. The early morning hupsters got their fill today with Baldwin and Justin England from Toyta United, Phil Zajicek from Health Net, Coyle and team mates from Successful Living and of course ex Boulderite and "Patron Saint of the 69'er" Travis Brown.

Throw down in pain city. Sexcellent.

We got our first session on at Research Center. Paco dialed in the course again and we threw it down hard with attacks everywhere including run ups. I held well in the mix of the top guys...and we literally started lapping people. I think the roadies were taking it safe and watching us as the scrum got more and more intense with each lap.

We finished up and headed en masse to Elks and threw it large again on our favorite loop. Last session, Travis blew a seal I think on a jump, but this time I just sat in and watched how absolutely amazing this guy is. Trust me, my heart was in my throat as we grooved it but I just wanted to study the master in action. The lines chosen and the way he apexes in and out of these lines is so logical and flowy that you can see seconds shave as they happen. What was a foot of distance coming into a turn is suddenly six feet and the need for me to burn matches to bridge. Moving here a some years ago now, when the Wednesday Worlds were like 25 people...including Gully and Travis before they both moved away...I was in awe. And never even near them from the sound 'go'! It was satisfying to be able to be out front and truly enjoying the lessons laid out for me today. Benefits of working harder and being able to see how things really can work and should work in your style and technique.

Always learning....

Anyways, epic early AM. Digital celluloid for your viewing pleasures.

Phil Z
The crew at Elks that could fit in my lens...
Matt Opp's fashion statement
The crew at Elks
Plo's new Ti ride
Pete's war face
Boups and Bobby
Justin E. I raced this dude as a 3 in California. Umm, he's come a looong way! Nice work.
Milling about the Research Park
Successful Living Legend Chuck Coyle
Phil Z in the house
Mike West and Hopwood

Wednesday Worlds and Clinic

I'm sitting here fairly wasted tonight after the efforts this AM, a full day or work and then the clinic. So, I had to fire up the 2007 Baal and sit back with a Trippel. GOD, watching that DVD I am salivating over those courses....that time spent in the Motherland last year.

I want to go BACK. Something to look forward to.....

Wednesday Worlds was an absolute throw down. All the peeps came out to play. Timmy Faia and Darren drove down from Breck amongst others like Wardell, Paul Brooks, Jon Baker and of course my bro Pete PLO Lopinto. A GI-normous group of people. At least 70 strong. I felt a bit no-chain-ish today shockingly (guess i need to rest again...)...and as it came to pass....I blew my first session and most of my 2nd with a blown chain. First session was Elks and the rolling was super fun. Paco was on fire but Colby really threw it down on the rest.

We rolled from there to Boulder Research where we got our jungle course on and again rolled hard. I spun nicely and comfortably on a course Paco drew up with tons of run ups and fast power sections. Colby, Baker and I split pretty quick until I bent the chain AGAIN. But I got enough of the sensations to know that the more I rest between epicly hard training sessions, the better I am feeling.

On to the clinic: Again: BIGGER. Likely 70 people or more. Clearly not at the levels Portland is seeing for Tonkin's clinic (~165 people!) but we're getting bigger each week! Today we started getting more specific on getting comfortable with coming in hot and fast into barriers. I wanted to stress to the folks assembled that there is a simple mathematical equation to all this

ANY time those brakes are touched reducing momentum + poor fluidity through the barriers + the slow/clumsy remount + the 800 or so watts to re-bridge up to the guys who dropped you through the barriers 'cause they were smoother X 10 laps or so....and you are doomed. Fluidity, less brakes and confidence in your technique will take a guy who comes in 22nd to top 10 with the appropriate practice.

And we practiced that. Lots. Lots of speed, lots of barrier braking, some crashing...but ultimately lots of smiles and skills being honed. I LOVE this sport. I LOVE seeing people get stoked on their new skills. I LOVE teaching it.

Wednesday Worlds - Week 1

OK, so officially, this is really 'week 2' as a handful of us when out last week, but most of the folks came out of their hiatus today for the changing of the leaves. 49 degrees this AM! Sick! This said, it truly can't be cross season yet as Dubba's leg's are still as hairy as can be and Webber is still wearing his baggy downhill shorts. 

We sell no wine before it's time. 

Great sessions today and I feel excatly where I want to be in term sof fitness. Honestly, work to do but grins in my head for having spent a total of a handful of hours training this, the summer of the shit. Didn't go too hard and felt totally comfortable, and didn't feel all impulsed to go any deeper at session 2. Now, the trick is to stay in the progression and stay healthy. 

Digital celluloid:

T and his new carbon sex
Matty Opp in the house
Paco does things on a 1 x 1 no human should be able to. 
V getting in the hup hup today
Yes, there is a power tap on this dude's BMC
Coyle and Opp

Dubba's a short timer. T minus DAYS until married-dom
(Half) the crew this AM...