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Sealing Dugasts…the AquaSeal vs Tent Sure debate

photo (3)We’re just starting to see some foul weather here in the Front Range. Cleaning bikes since the season’s onset essentially amounted to a dust rag. Absolutely no precipitation to speak of. Now, we’re getting the winter we’ve been wanting and have had our first weekend of true ‘cross weather.

Over the years of using Dugasts, I’ve tried everything on these tires to protect their cotton sidewalls. I’ve spoken about ‘Dugast Rot’ and how some tires of not properly sealed will essentially start to literally mold and rot.

This year as mentioned previously, I started to try new sealants on various recommendations from folks….especially some dear friends in Belgium. Many roads led to me trying out McNett Tent Sure (note the product has new packaging). When applied, the sealant literally permeates the cotton itself, unlike AquaSeal which provides a layer ‘above’ the cotton. This known, it should probably be known to use anything but black brake pads when using McNett as the ‘black dust’ which comes off the pads…especially when mixed with water and mud…will still penetrate and stain your pretty cotton casings. Try yellow SwissStops or something more ‘gummy’ if possible.

I will report on the progress of the McNett sealant in the coming weeks and let you know how it turns out!

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