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Za Webber Trip 2010 | W = Waregem = Webber = WIN!

Hmm, let’s see: 4 races entered. 4 wins. Z’Americans are a force to recon with! Well, at least Webber is! He took an absolutely muddy and true ‘field race’ today in Waregem. Report below. Webber’s successes are now known by the Masters overseas, and yet a new troop of guys are all getting prepped to join him in Za Motherland for ‘Za Trip 2010’:

  • Brandon ‘Za Dubba’ Dwight,
  • Ward “The WB” Baker,
  • Brian “I dare you to spell my name”  Hludzinski,
  • Michael “Large Arthur” Robson
  • Kurt “KP” or “Top Pro” (You choose) Perham

All will be invading to join Pete “Turbo Pete” Webber (affectionately coined by Mario Lammens) for the lead up to Master’s worlds in Mol. Sadly, I’m not making Za Trip this year but I am doing what I can to help prep the boys. Got out early this AM with Dubba in the foulest conditions to yell ‘mush!’ at him as we powered through the deep snow and howling wind. He’ll be ready to tear legs off. HUP!

Za Webber Trip 2010 - Waregem Race Report

Hey everyone, here's a video and photo report from today's Flemish Cup race in Waregem.
I'd like to say "Dank U Wel" (Thank You!) to all the racers, supporters and organization crew at the Flemish Cup races. They are great events and my family and I enjoy them very much. Good luck to the renners (racers) for good legs at the national championships (BK) next weekend and we'll see you at Langemark.

Check out Sally’s PRO bike change:

And look at this atrocity. Unbelievable. 


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