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Za Webber Trip 2010–The Mud Fest Recon

Pete and his pro pit team composed of wife Sally and daughter Ella (6 y.o.) are reader to get ‘er done tomorrow in Waregem. Pete checks in…using video of course (he listens to his bud when he asks him to shoot more video…).

Za Webber Trip 2010
Waregem Pre-Race Report
Hello from Belgium and Happy New Year! Tomorrow (Jan. 2) is the Waregem cross, another round of the Flemish Cyclocross Cup. Since it is only 15k from Oudenaarde, I went over today to check out the course. It is gonna be epic! A classic muddy field race. Check out my 1-minute video update and some photos of the track. My bikes are dialed and the pit crew is ready - we even practiced our bike changes today in the street. Stay tuned for a post-race report... Thanks for reading, Pete


Recon pics…

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