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Cycling in Slovenia

In my father's era, a trip like this would never have been possible. I mean, how is it that the many beautiful parts of the world not so long ago were completely inaccessible due to communism. Well, luckily for me and my generation, Glastnos changed all that and we can now see some incredible places on this globe of ours. Like Slovenia.

A dear friend and mentor of mine, Seth Levine, inspired a group of his friends to come celebrate his birthday with Slovenia! Some cyclists, some tech nerds but all good buds, this trip would see us on a 5 day bike tour on some of the sweetest roads in the Julian Alps (wedged in the corner of Slovenia, Austria and Italy). I had salivated it from the moment the invite came to the days leading up. 

And then that silly cow had to ruin my fun! Crash...broken collarbone 2 weeks before I was to leave. 

I shook it all off and I decided that I really needed to go and celebrate with Seth. No bikes, just be there to celebrate his birthday and the incredible lives we share here in Boulder as friends with this group of guys. We're all working hard to build businesses run by great people. And the values we all share are in lock-step. 

So after the collarbone thing and deciding to go, I packed bike, no equipment. Only the Slovenia jersey Seth gave us all to celebrate the trip as the only bike-related thing. On the first day of the bike tour, everyone assembled for pictures in the jersey...and then it came over me. I've gotta ride. I asked the tour guide to bring down one of the Cannondale touring bikes form the racks. Set it up as best I could...all 30+ pounds of it and took it for a test drive (top most picture). I said: "Let's go" and before I knew it, donned a helmet and a water bottle and set out with the boys. And yes, they were baiting me the whole night before after tons of beers. Time to man-up...

 It was worth every minute (and risk...shhhh). Views like this (Lake Bled) were absolutely stunning. 

We had a day or two of sight seeing. This is the view from the castle in Ljubljana. 

We'd stop in cities and everywhere you'd see Soviet-era art. Massive masterpieces like this re-enforcing a time that was. 

The trip was supported by an amazing tour group, Austin Lehman, and they had everything dialed.....including this rolling Service Course. 

And the roads we traversed...all 74km's that day, were epic. Rolling hills, steep climbs, perfect pavement, densely forested in places....and yes, cows properly gated within their fences. 

It's a trip I will never forget and so intensely happy I rode with the boys that day. 

Thank you sincerely, Seth and Greeley! And happy birthday Seth. It was nothing short of amazing. 

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