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Yoga for cyclists | The secret weapon

Have you started yet? Have you finally made the gutsy move to step off the bike and begun to do some runs? When's the last time you actually stretched properly? It's that time of year again, cyclocrossers, to 'cross train' in every sense of the word. To feel the aches pains in your legs as you're using different muscles now....and I'm sure you're receiving intimate feedback that you REALLY must do more than spin circles with your legs.
Earlier this year I decided not to 'cram' for my cyclocross 'exam'. In other words, avoiding trying to compress cross training in to a short period RIGHT before cross begins. I did 10 weeks of yoga this spring to 'give back' to my aging body after taking a break from last cross season. It was worth every drive through the snow to go to the studio to let my mind and body focus on something other than bikes. It really helped me activate the parts of my body I actually NEED to have more complete health and stability.

But the 10 weeks shouldn't be "it". It's not enough to sustain all around health and stability to carry me through the 'violent' efforts of cross and the tolls it takes on the body. But time is a precious asset. I need to occupy the time I'd spent doing Yoga now for training in the early mornings. So how can I balance it? Intro Yoga Glo for Cyclists!

For me this has been like hitting the big 'EASY' button. The video tutorials walk you through exactly what you must do, pose by pose....and 'why'...e.g. what exactly it's strengthening, opening and otherwise preparing you for getting stronger or recovering better.
My old bud and coach, Taro Smith Ph.D, assembled the curriculum you see here and each of the videos are performed by well known and experienced Yogis like Amy Ippoliti. He has a great post on some of the core reasons you should be adding this to your training regime. My pattern has been to inject a video session every other day for strength, lasting about 30-45 minutes depending upon the session. Most nights I'll do the 15min recovery sessions which is helping with my sleep too as I like to do them at night.
Absolutely check out Yoga Glo and give back to your corpse! You can thank me later.
Yoga for Cyclists

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