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Cross Racing Week 0 | Never higher motivation

My first cross took place in some anonymous church property, somewhere in the middle of New Jersey in 1996. My mountain biking bud, Chris Evans, told me about this sport, saying that'd be cool if I showed up on my mountainbike and do 'this obstacle course type of race.' Back in the old NORBA days when we mountainbike-raced, you had to do 'all 3' disciplines: XC, downhill and trials. I really thought Chris was talking to me about some sort of trials course. I could do those fairly well and, so, curious, I showed up with my bike at this 'cross' race. Chris shows up and out of his car he pulls out this sort of road bike....a Ritchey Swiss Cross. It had these tiny knobbies, beautiful lines and feather weight. We pinned on numbers, waited amongst a field of 10 mopes for the whistle and when it came...chaos. It hurt, I came in nearly last, had no idea how to perform the gazelle-like maneuvers when my eyeballs were bleeding...but I was helplessly hooked.

And so, like the years past, we prepare for the season. I come in to this one, healthy, motivated and in awe of what our sport has become. I've raced the old man worlds, I've been overseas and now, I see the youth pour in, in droves. Hungry to make road style bikes go fast in the dirt.

This year I am honored to work with some of my best friends on teaching the beautiful sport. Pete Webber, Michael Robson, Johs Huseby, Emily Zinn, Dave Weber and Margell Abel. All pouring back what was poured in to us as coaches for the Boulder Junior Cycling program...


This year also marks the 3rd anniversary of the Boulder Cycle Sport 'Ambassadors' team. Brandon Dwight, Pete, Kristin Weber and Chris Case will all be evangelizing 'cross to anyone and everyone who will hear us. Especially in Boulder with the coming of the National Championships to our crazy passionate city this January. 


It's September, and as I type, I can still hear the whir of Air Conditioning units outside. Before we know it the leaves will change and the cold weather gear will get brought out. But for now, the kids....and the adults...are spending our time on long, tiring yet beautiful rides. The time for intervals and inhumane intensity will happen soon enough...

On to the 2013/14 cyclocross season. Best of luck everybody. Keep it smooth. 

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