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Prima Radshuhe, mein Herr!

I am an admitted geek and slave to fashion. The white is too good. Had to true-up my overwhelming Sidi collection with the 07 Dragon's for this coming CX season (can't ever be too early, girls). I rocked these last year and 'dem shitis dope, yo.' Translation: the white makes you go faster or so you can tell yourself. Bought that sheeit online from a store in Germany. where i got 'em last year. Not a bad price, either. No, you sluts. I am not telling you which store. Ha!

The weather blows but I am gonna throw fenders and a plastic cape on tomorrow and have some fun for a few hours. Lots of craziness in my life looming. Best to just put the head down and go forward in the rain. The thoughts will be there so I won't notice the cold. I can't deal with who'll be in my way. You'll just have to get run over as the spaces between my synapses are so thin, everything is firing at once these days. The sleep is bad and twitchy. F-ing Mol. How many months? Mol appears then disappears over my bow with every surge the waves coming in trying to sink me.

Whoa. White shoes to life waves trying to sink me. Transcending man. Whoa. I will now stop working aand being a total shit doink and go pop open a 1554 so I can chill the F out.

It's Friday.


My lady is on the Left Coast with her fam and I am wrangling the boys Thursday to Sunday. Let's just say that while I consider my self a great dad, my wife's job is thankless. It's akin to riding into the wind all day with rain blowing sideways, never getting a break until those guys chill out. We refuse to put them in front of the dumb box though as I don't want them retarded or salivating over McDonald's commercials.

So since I am on a 'day off', I dropped the kids off at school and head out for a quick and very low impact ride. "Ding ding ding ding ding" <-- that's the T-Mobile cell phone ring knowhati'mtalkinabout). "Mr. K, ah, your little guy has a fairly giant sized poop and we are not allowed to change it due to regulations. You need to come back" Genius. 5 minutes the kid is there and his plumbing leaks. Joy.

Weekend frolics and lunchtime rides

The non-racing weekend for me ended up being great. 3 1/2 hours on the 1 x 1 looping Hall was absolutely what the body needed. OK, maybe not needed but the grins were there while turning the 32 x 16...sort of like Chris Horner grins in a poker face sort of way no matter if he's soft pedaling or winning stages in the T d Suisse.

Sunday my wife and I rolled for 3. She is a capital 'A' animal. The gears she turns are stupid. Retarded big. "Honey, you're in the 53 14. Knock it back." Wife: "Oh, shoot, sorry."

Lunchtime ride today with my office mate down in Littleton on the paths. Brought out the new Rock Lobster and it is so dialed. When's cross. Where's Mol?

Horner pic courtesy of

Pagey Page got himself a (Sun) Jobby Job

Our boy did it. Got himself a contract for 2 years with Sunweb-Projob. I'm still confused by the whole Mario De Clercq relationship (friend/coach/mentor) as he is still shadowed by the same drug allegations that brought down The Lion of Flanders.

I am an armchair DS though and just happy that the boy's got some cash flow....and can get on with having their 2nd kid with some level of financial comfort. How these 'cross pros do it, I dunno. There is zero money (beyond Nijs).


Traveling all week on biz, then coming back and doing a 1x1 ride in mud yesterday (trying to 'catch up' of course...) would drain any hard man. Rolled with Dave today who wanted to roll easy. We did a little 36/left hand/Back lee hill jaunt.

Brought the camera today to screw around. Went no handed at speed to do the self portrait. Stupid. Got the new Decibel though so my brain will be in tact if I touch the tarmac.

Racing this weekend? Probably not. The fam needs me and I them so we'll do some fun stuff. Gonna ride fat tires to ensure maximum grin which is exactly what I need to bring the stress scores down down down.


Colbert and Armstrong. Sorry for the weak post but this is funny...

Glorious Part Deux

The weather has been great. Yesterday was epic with a capital "E". Races going off at Stazio but a core group is still slogging out some training miles. Bobby, The "WB", Longman, JFry, Maas, Boups and I did Carter at mach speed. Race simulation for sure. Constant attacks and it was all smiles. With all the attacking and climbing we did over 7o miles, I still felt fairly fresh at the end....probably as my curfew was quickly coming and my lady needed a break from the kids. Longman AGAIN you impressed. You're teh protected one mate at our first race.

Home, quick shower and change, the kids of course wanted to go ride bikes. Billions of kids crawling around. This 'hood is killer. More crappy video:

Experimenting and iMac Suckage

I don't want to start Windows vs iMac wars but let me just say that my first experience in trying to off load DV to my iMovies was horse cockey. I mean, this supposed wunderkind of media arts couldn't even detect my Sony cam corder via USB. My WInXP machine sniffed it out as soon as I slapped that beeatch in and the free Windows Movie Maker software was brainlessly simple to use. What a galactic let down. I bought that fricken thing for purposes like this. I'm buying a Vista machine. Screw this Mac sheeit. My iPod just shit the bed too (hard drive implosion) so I am just pissed at Apple at the moment. Screw 'em.

Anywhoo, I want to do crappy videos like this. This is what I ripped from my session last season I gave to some of the RM'ers just getting into CX. I gave 'em barrier work lessons and we did repeats around my prop barriers. Fun. Anyways, more to come this season.

I suck

Folks, so sorry for the weak amount of postings. I have been incredibly busy with work and just not motivated at all to say much of anything. I will try and get some good stuff going on soon but need to get on a bike and sweat a bit. Hotel spin bikes suck but training on the road is what it is.

More this week then a break.


Not to be confused with NAMBLA. I wish I were at the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show back in my 'ol Left Coast home. My boys Mike and Paul are showing their sexcellent wares again this year. Last year Mike unveiled his 9'er to great accreditation (see photo from last year Mike sent me). Mike's billet-ing (note the stays on this bike) is insane and now being leveraged by other frame builders as he is a mechanical engineer and he leverages 3D CAD's to have all parts CNC'd robotically. I wish I were there to support him this year!

I'm sure all you bike sluts have wasted your lunch breaks eyeballing CyclingNews' coverage of the NAHMBS and seen Vanilla bicycles Speedvagon....and it is SICK. It's a 1X1 cross bike but note the details such as the seat post extension to the frame with the canti cable being routed through. So many intricate details. Yummy. Sacha's got to throw some Dugast's with that creamy white sidewall on this beauty though. These Tufo's look bunk. (Photo from

The bike that stole my heart due to it's simplicity is this Richard Sachs. I can't get over it. It is so clean that it is obsessive for me to look at (or rather for me to STOP looking at). I think I want to hump it a little. Hump. hump. (Photo from

I'll continue to day dream for now about hand made bikes.


Hump hump.