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YogaGlo and Boulder Cycle Sport | Giving back to our bodies

Yup, we're all getting older. And it's critical to give back to the body...especially when you do sports like cyclocross. It's taxing on all parts of the body. I'm so honored to work with this great company, YogaGlo, and their commitment to helping with very specialized approaches of applying yoga to sports like cycling. have a look at this video the Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassadors team did to talk through why inserting the practice of yoga is critical, and how YogaGlo can help with its distinct areas of specialization like cycling.

The 2013-14 Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassadors CX Team

The Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassadors are back! We're having a blast this season evangelizing, teaching, racing and being the sport we love. Our sport is growing and it's incredible to see this viral passion explode. So many juniors and women in particular flooding in to the game, all having fun, challenging themselves and coming back for more week after week.

This year the roster has lost one ride but gained another. Our great friend and teammate, Russ Stevenson, has gone back to Seattle with his growing family to tackle some new opportunities. Can't wait to see him back i January for Nats! Coming in to the squad is our old friend (and teammate actually!) Chris Case, VeloNews editor and all around fast guy.

Watch and read below to learn more about our 2013/14 program, goals and the amazing sponsors that love this sport as much as we do.


Team celebrates its 3rd anniversary with new members, sponsors and focus on 2014 Cyclocross Nationals in Boulder

BOULDER, CO – October 21, 2013 –YogaGlo, the largest provider of online yoga classes, has become the title sponsor of the Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Ambassadors Team. The company, based in Santa Monica, California has recently launched a “Yoga For Cyclists” section on its highly popular website and will work closely with the team to help all riders learn about yoga’s benefits for cycling performance. YogaGlo is a subscription-based website that provides its members with hundreds of on-demand yoga classes taught by the world’s best instructors. The “Yoga For Cyclists” center focuses on key areas of the rider’s body and will assist with warm-up, on-the-bike performance and power output, as well as total body recovery.

“Cyclocross is such a demanding sport and can really take a toll on the body. And, as I have gotten older I’ve come to realize it’s extremely important to take care of yourself off the bike.” said Brandon Dwight, owner, Boulder Cycle Sport and 3-time U.S. National Cyclocross Champion. “I’ve been using YogaGlo for several months now and it’s so convenient to have the classes ready to go when and where you need them.”
The Ambassador Team will continue it’s longstanding relationships with Ridley, Sram, Zipp, Clement and Bell. The team will be competing aboard the all-new 2014 Ridley X-Night bikes outfitted with Sram Red Hydro 22 drivetrains and hydraulic disc brakes, Zipp wheels and Clement tires.

The Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassadors team has amassed significant results-oriented statistics since the team’s formation in 2010 including 7 National, 2 Master’s World and 2 Colorado State Championships. However, the BCSCX Ambassadors are most proud of their participation in the sport’s growth, which include leading junior coaching sessions, free skills clinics, volunteer trail/ park projects, articles and instructional videos, and community fundraisers.

The Ambassador team will be leading more than 100 Boulder Cycle Sport cyclocross club team members, providing skills instruction, racing guidance and strategy, body and equipment preparation advice and more.
“This is a special year for Boulder and for the cyclocross community here in our town,” said team member Pete Webber. “We’ve seen the sport grow dramatically here in Boulder on all levels, from juniors to masters to professionals. The fun has been incredibly contagious. Now, we are honored to host the 2014 National Cyclocross Championships and demonstrate our region’s passion for our sport.”
Departing the BCSCX Ambassador’s squad is 2013 National and Master’s World Champion Russ Stevenson. Russ will be returning to his family’s native Washington state, where he’ll continue his relationship with Ridley and Clement tires.

The Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassadors Team is also proud to announce its association with a syndicate of passionate sponsors, equally as committed to the sport’s growth as the Ambassadors themselves.
Title Sponsor:
    •    YogaGlo: the world’s premiere source for online yoga classes.
Equipment Sponsors:
    •    SRAM – Official drivetrain and brake supplier. The team will utilize the new Red 22 11-speed group with hydraulic disc brakes.
    •    Ridley Bicycles – Official supplier of the teams all new and ultra light 2014 X-Night cyclocross frame and fork.
    •    Clement Cycling – Official supplier of tubular and clincher tires such as the PDX and MXP
    •    Zipp– Official supplier of wheels, handlebars, stems and seat posts.
    •    Bell Sports – Official helmet supplier. The team will utilize the lightweight Bell Gage helmet
Race Clothing Sponsors
    •    Castelli Cycling – Official supplier of the BCS team’s race day apparel ranging from skinsuits, cold-weather gloves, arm and leg warmers, thermal and wind resistant jackets.
Casual Clothing Sponsors
    •    Anthem Branding – Official supplier of the team’s custom off-the-bike team apparel including jackets, sweatshirts and headgear.
Technical Support
    •    Feedback Sports – Complete line of work stands and storage racks.
The 2013/14 Ambassadors include:
    •    Brandon Dwight – Owner of Boulder Cycle Sport, 17 years of pro-level racing; 2-time National Cyclocross Champion – @bldrcyclesport
    •    Pete Webber – 20 year veteran of professional mountain biking and cyclocross racing; National Cyclocross and MTB Marathon Champion, Master’s World Champion – @webber_pete
    •    Kristin Weber – 10 year veteran of mountain bike and cyclocross, cross instructor, Master’s Worlds Silver medalist, LunaChix womens MTB Ambassador- @sugardesigninc
    •    Greg Keller – Elite Masters racer with 16 years of cyclocross racing experience, junior cycling coach and nearly a decade of ‘cross-specific skills instruction – @mudandcowbells
    •    Chris Case – 7-year veteran of elite road, mountain and cyclocross racing. Silver medalist, Master’s National and World Championships, Colorado Cross Cup champion, managing editor of Velo magazine – @leicacase

Starting in early September and running through October, The BCS Ambassadors will provide free weekly clinics from 5:30 – 7PM, every Wednesday open to any age group in addition to early, pre-work sessions. The skills-sessions will progress over the course of the season to teach core skills such as mounting, dismounting, race-day preparations and racing tactics. For more information on the Ambassadors Team, the skills clinics and other helpful cyclocross resources, visit Any questions or inquiries on the team can be directed to

Building A Kids Mountain Bike | Dream Homework

The family that bikes together...well, has FUN together! It's that time in our kids lives when we want to start looping them in to our passion...riding in the woods on fat tires. Problem is, the state of (really) small mountain bikes is a difficult one. It's not a very big market and rightfully the manufacturers mitigate their risk by not producing a ton of options. Buying off the shelf bikes for kids who are 'tweeners' (too big and advanced for off the shelf bikes and too small for 'adult' sized bikes) is really difficult but we were determined to get it done right for them. I want to ensure my kids could really 'feel' and control the that meant careful choosing of frame and parts alike. WIth the help of Boulder Cycle Sport and some of my great friends and long-time industry honches, we were able to source and build up the following for the youngsters:

  • Kinesis 'label-less' frames - 14" for 26" wheels
  • Carver ridged carbon fiber front forks
  • WTB wheels (tubeless)
  • Shimano SLX group set
  • 60mm stems & flat bars
  • Old seat posts lying around
  • Kenda rubber
  • ESI grips ('suspension'...yes, these boys will learn tire pressure before suspension use)
  • Cane Creek headset

Bikes came in about 17lbs and I can still move into lighter territory, but that will be the fun part. Some porn...

Click to read more ...

Boulder - It's what we do every day...

Yup. Nice work Za Dubba:


Join the 2012 Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Team!

Back in effect! The Boulder Cycle Sport CX team is back again to bring the orange and back to a cross course near you. Clinics, comRADery and F U N are what's in store. Click on the image above to learn more. 

Double HUP!

Join the 2011 Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Team!

Cyclocross season is rapidly approaching and we are getting ready for the best season yet!  

The mission of the Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Team is to create a fun and competitive cyclocross team, open to all ability levels. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first time racer, we will provide an opportunity to take your skills to the next level. Those who have no ambitions of racing, but are looking for a fun social cycling group to be a part of are encouraged to join our growing cyclocross community, too!

Click the image above to learn more about the 2011 BCS CX Team. See you in the mud. Hup!

The Gore RideOn Sealed Cable System

My good bud and master’s racing compatriot Michael Robson assembled a great article on VeloNews walking through us all through his experiences with various sealed cable systems, their merits, installation tips, etc. I highly recommend having a look-see at his write up as the weather is quickly changing and before we all know it we’ll be knee deep in the good stuff: mud. You best hope you have great shifting performance before then!

The Boulder Cycle Sport Ambassadors Team has some great sponsors including Gore who have us all on their new RideOn Sealed Low Friction Brake and Shifting Cable System. I wanted to walk you through this system and some of the installation ‘upgrades’ we have done to ensure optimal performance in the worst of conditions.

For those of you that do not have the time, skills or some of the equipment involved (and are local to Boulder area), Boulder Cycle Sport has the installation of this system completely dialed. Contact BCS for details and pricing. I opted to walk you through in photos of how one of Boulder Cycle Sport’s finest mechanics, Steve ‘Shelpy’ Shelp, dialed in my Ridley X-Night with this new cable system.

The new Gore RideOn sealed system includes almost everything you’ll need…except for the heat-shrinkable seals which will be talked about below. The system’s marquee features are its continual sealing along the entire length of the cable, making the action silky smooth (frictionless) as well as the GRUB™ Seals to prevent virtually anything from contaminating the sealing and degrading the cables performance.

A heat gun and heat shrink tubing (which can be picked up at most good hardware stores) was used in Boulder Cycle Sport’s installation as an ‘additional’ method of sealing insurance.

Shelpy is drilling out the cable stops so that he may run one continuous piece of housing from the top tube straight through to the derailleur. Note: when this is done, you will be using more of the housing than is provided with the RideOn kit. We used an additional piece of housing from another non-RideOn kit for the front derailleur…literally boring it out so that it would accommodate the thicker width of the sealed housing of the RideOn cables. Be advised.

Another view of Shelpy’s handiwork…carefully boring out the stops.

Shelpy’s den. Cleaner than a surgeons operating room.

The finished result. A super tight cockpit.

Note the heat shrunk wrappers right at the beginning of the ferrules to prevent any possibility of dirt entering the ‘system’. 

You can see the front brake cable exit the stop and it’s 'sealed ‘casing’ extending all the way to the base of the hanger…where a grub seal has been placed to prevent any contamination.

Another view of the heat shrunk wrapping at all stops.

The cable ends are topped with RideOn’s own stops to protect from fraying and elongating the life of the cable itself.

Shelpy’s handiwork included thoughtful touches like the zip tie you see here to ensure the cable end does not flop around. This will also allow me enough cable should I re-position the Avid brake arms to their ‘wide’ position.

A view of the fully sealed front derailleur cable around the spindle, its grub seal and cable end.

The rear brake where you can see the sealed housing and grub seal in tandem.

A view of the continuous cable Shelpy installed straight through the bored out cable stops.

A close up of how this stop looks with the cable running through it.

Finally, the rear derailleur with the sealed cable poking out...completely sealed from end to end (Note: grub seal has been placed at the exit of the cable since taking this pic.)

Boulder Cycle Sport Opens South Boulder Store!

All fancy with a press release...

Cross Week is HERE! | Participate in a week of events before the Xilinx and Boulder Cup UCI races


Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Team 2009!



It’s NEVER too late to think ‘cross and that’s the way we like it within the ranks of the Orange and Black of Boulder Cycle Sport!

On Thursday June 11th, at 7:30 PM, BCS will be hosting our yearly team kickoff and informational meeting. If you have been interested in trying ‘cross, we invite you to come and learn more! The core of this team is about teaching and evangelizing the beauty of this sport…getting YOU excited to participate while having immense amounts of fun, improve your skills and brag to your co-workers come Monday how you frolicked in the mud with your friends all weekend!

Click here to learn more about the informational meeting and we invite you to become part of the Orange-and-Black clad family this year!

Hup hup, buttercups! The leaves may be green now but they will be-a-changin’!